Antipasto Skewers

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Antipasto is a traditional first course of any meal in Italy but it has world wide appeal as a first course and can consist of so many variations that only your imagination can dictate what your choices are.  Antipasto usually consists of olives, cheeses, smoked or cured meats, pickled or fresh vegetables and some fish served cold. I have served this dish as many of my events over the years on a large platter or tray but I really think it’s fun and convenient to serve it on a skewer.  This is especially fun and handy at cocktail parties so guests can just pick up a skewer and all their goodies are right there and ready to eat, virtually hands and utensils free.  This is such an easy “recipe” if not a recipe, just gather some of your favorite items and put them on a stick; what is great about this, is you can make it a day before your party, how cool is that.


1 pint Cherry tomatoes

1 can Black olives, drained and rinsed

1 jar Green olives, drained and rinsed

1 lb Pepper jack cheese cut into ½ cubes

8 oz. Salami

1 jar of Pepperoncini

6 Smoked sausages cut into thick slices

25 Bamboo skewers

Italian style vinaigrette


Take a skewer and skewer a slice of smoked sausage, followed by a pepperoncini, 2 slices of salami folded together in quarters, pepper jack cheese, black olive, green olive and lastly a cherry tomato.

If you like, just before serving, drizzle them with some Italian dressing and you are ready to go.

Can be made one day ahead and kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator until ready to serve.  Servings varied but at least 25 skewers

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This post was written by Joseph Sciascia


  • Nancy Huffman says:

    I am going to make these at the annual Natan and Cousin Arthur’s birthday party.
    I will make both vegetarian and meat and fruit
    Skewers. Thanks Joseph for your recipe inspiration♥️

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