Welcome to the Recipe for a Party blog.

dsc03365Welcome to the Recipe for a Party blog. Here you’ll find “recipes” for all things related to a party, food recipes, ideas on presentations and thoughts for parties of all kinds and sizes. In my career as a caterer for the past 17 plus years, I have devoted much of my time and energy in helping people entertain. I get so much joy out of creating recipes and presenting my ideas in a beautiful and delicious way to please my clients’ and their guests. Here I will be able to communicate some of my best kept secrets with my catering and you can relate these fun and simple ideas for your own entertaining.

More about me

My name is Joseph Sciascia and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’ve been a personal chef and caterer for the past 17 years. Since early childhood my passion for food and entertaining has come from a family owned catering business, since starting my own business in 2000, I have been self-taught with the desire to serve wonderful food in a delicious way, I have always enjoyed helping people entertain with style and with fun current food trends to good old fashioned comfort food from our childhood days.

I have made myself comfortable right away in my clients’ kitchens and I always feel at home, helping them with many aspects of their parties, especially the food. So many people have encouraged me to be in front of the camera (I’m very camera shy, so not sure about it) and/or teach people about my party recipes and ideas, so I thought I would present this blog in a way that would encourage people to make the best of what they can for all their entertaining, no matter what the occasion.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and you are in need of my catering services please visit my catering website: www.butlerforhire.com