Vegan Tamale Pie with Jalapeno Creamed Corn Crust

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This morning I was pondering over a Cinco de Mayo menu that I have developed for an event I’m doing next week and at the same time wondering what to make for dinner tonight.  My partner is vegan, I’m not but at dinner time I always make us both something vegan…I’m not desperate to eat meat, eggs or dairy and I won’t make something separate for myself, I enjoy what I make for the both of us.  We both love Mexican food and I thought this easy to put together dish was perfect for dinner tonight.  It is somewhat chilly today so this dish is definitely cozy, with a kick, so the spices will warm you all over.

Healthy and colorful with that stick to your ribs comfort, Yum…almost ready for the oven


Just came out of the oven, I can’t wait to take a bite out of this


2 tablespoons olive oil

1 small onion, chopped

2 celery stalks, chopped

2 small carrots, chopped

1 medium zucchini, chopped

1 orange or yellow bell pepper, chopped

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon coarse ground pepper

2 tablespoons taco seasoning

1 12 oz. package of vegan “meat” crumbles

1 4 oz. can of chopped green chilies, hot or mild

1 14 oz. can of roasted chopped tomatoes

2 ½ cups of fresh or frozen corn

1 cup of green enchilada sauce


Jalapeno Creamed Corn Crust

1 cup corn meal

3 tablespoons flour

1 ½ teaspoons baking powder

1 tablespoon sugar

¼ teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons pickled jalapeno nacho slices, chopped

2 tablespoons brine from the nacho slice jar

1 14 oz. can creamed corn

2 vegan equivalent egg replacements, like flax seed (I used VeganEgg by Follow Your Heart brand)

¼ vegan butter, melted

1 cup vegan cheddar style cheese


  • Heat olive oil in a heavy oven proof 12 inch skillet like cast iron over medium high heat and add the onion, celery, carrots, zucchini, bell pepper and garlic and sauté for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Add the pepper, taco seasoning, vegan “meat”, green chilies, tomatoes, corn and enchilada sauce, stir well and continue to sauté, cooking down a bit for another 5 minutes, smooth everything nice and flat and set aside
  • Crust: mix the dry ingredients together with a whisk
  • Add all the other ingredients and mix well, it will be thick.
  • Drop by large spoonfuls over the top of the filling in the skillet, smooth over
  • Bake for 35 to 45 minutes until bubbly and golden brown. Serves 6

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